We are excited to announce that we have expanded our check-in system for use in the elementary ministry areas. KidCheck is a network-based system that allows us to provide a safe atmosphere for Children's Ministry areas by maintaining current records of attendance and parent contact information. KidCheck is now being used for ages 0 to grade 6.

KidCheck and You

Infants & Preschoolers:

All children ages 0-Kindergarten can be checked in on the 1st floor of the education building.


8:30 Service - Elementary children can be checked in at A102 for Early Bird Kids' Church.

10:00 Service - Elementary kids can be checked in at the second floor check-in center in the Education building. Look for the flag just above the double doors of the preschool area.

11:30 Service - Elementary children grades 1-4 are dismissed from the sanctuary and use a self check-in system in the Treehouse.


Making Your Account

In order to have the afore mentioned login information for Sunday Mornings, you need to visit this page and follow the steps provided after clicking "I am a parent and want to create a free account." When it comes to asking for your organization name, enter the following text exactly as you see it:

Quail Lakes Baptist KIDS

If you ever have any trouble, we can assist you here on campus, but doing it online makes the first Sunday that much quicker.