We contrast the pull of our (materialistic) culture with the mind and heart of God in choices we make about our money – earning, giving, saving, spending and debt. This empowers us to control money instead of the other way around. The instruction is different from most other studies because it is Biblical, Grace-oriented and Practical.

Introducing Transformational Stewardship

Spiritual maturity is related in part to financial maturity. God works in us over time. God is good enough, great enough and powerful enough to help us control our money as well as every other aspect of our lives!  We expect God to use Good $ense to remove the stumbling blocks to spiritual growth for every person. The result will be a congregation whose finances…and lives…are characterized by grace, joy and freedom.

altGood $ense is for Everyone…

No one can afford to ignore money. This ministry is designed to meet the needs of four kinds of people. Which are you?

  • In Crisis. Are you drowning in debt and need a life preserver?
  • Living Paycheck to Paycheck. Are your savings too low with no end in sight?
  • Fiscally Fit. You’re a good money manager but spiritually out of shape.
  • Faithful Steward. Well on your way toward a God-honoring financial lifestyle. Our volunteers come from this group.

Do you want to be a:

  • Diligent Earner
  • Generous Giver
  • Wise Saver
  • Cautious Debtor
  • Prudent CONSUMER?


This foundational ministry provides the Biblical principles, consumer savvy and practical applications to help you lead a God-honoring financial lifestyle. You will leave our foundational course with a Spending Plan in your hand, the knowledge to implement it in your head and the motivation to follow through with it in your heart!

Other seminars will prepare you to deal with consumer debt and retirement planning as we continue to grow this ministry to address current financial trends in our society and the pull of the culture!



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