I live in a universe created by a personal God, the God of mercy, logic, justice, goodness, truth, beauty and love - the God whose purposes and intentions are good. You [the atheist/Darwinist] live in a universe which appeared from nowhere, is going nowhere and means nothing . . .[a] soulless, cold and depressing belief." (The Dawkins Letters - David Robertson)
Please go to Amazon and get the book "The Dawkins Letters." A great tool we use for engaging the God-haters. It "tears down their strongholds" found in "The God Delusions" and gives logic and reason for our Christian Worldview.
We finished the Spring College tour and are already getting ready for the Fall tour along with spending more time at the abortion centers. There are many Spring stories of the changed lives of college students. This Wednesday I was invited by another professor at Delta College to challenge two Human Sexuality classes with the pro-life message.

It's awesome to catch a glimpse of students on campus intently reading our great brochure.

All they need to get their minds on the right track is in that one brochure. If you haven't seen it please click on the link below http://www.sohlnet.org/educational20material/aProjectTruthBrochureMar2014.pdf

One special highlight comes when our team arrives at a high school in the town we are ministering in... this scene gives us goose bumps... because we know many more students will receive our materials.
The administrators are huddled under the tree to try and figure out a way to keep the students from taking our literature at the bell...but we prevail and there are many students going home with the truth and the Gospel in their hands.
...in humility correcting those who are in opposition, if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth, and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will. ll Timothy 2

The photo above is taken at the recent Planned Parenthood "celebration" in Sacramento to thank the selected legislators for giving them ten million additional dollars this year for their killing business.

The dinner guests were met by sixty abolitionists standing outside (that's my hand in the picture), calling the people to repentance. It took seven State Police to "protect" the elite group of guests as they entered the building. Seems the Planned Parenthood leadership didn't want us to give people a "choice" about supporting them. The dinner tables were set up in the foyer (bad decision) so the guests got to receive our message all evening long with our displays of truth looking in the windows.
Training Camp for Abolitionists
I also just got back from the Survivor's Pro-life Training Camp held in Southern California. Each year I am invited to teach the 100 young adults about sidewalk counseling. The camp is designed in a way that the first three days are classroom training and then the next seven days they go into the Southern California jungle and practice what they learned in the classroom with the staff of Survivors.

It's a powerful training tool being mentored in real battle situations and is life-changing for the campers. The campers go to abortion centers, Huntington Beach, Hollywood, Santa Monica and many other places to engage the crowds with the truth.

Then after the 10-day camp, the young people hopefully go back to their home towns and shake up the world with the truth.

Troy Newman of Operation Rescue is a speaker at the camp and mentor to all of us. He has saved countless babies through his ministry and has shut down many abortion centers. He will go into the history books as one of the mighty abolitionists of the 21st century.
Mark Harrington of Created Equal gave instructions to the campers using his experience with East Coast college outreaches. It was great to spend some time with these warhorses of the truth and be encouraged by their resolve to end the American Holocaust.

A young man and his girlfriend out for a stroll expressed their rejection of religion to me, but he was caught off guard when I asked him to "prove to me there is no God." He tried to reverse the challenge, and then conceded he could not prove there is no God.

"But," he asked, "where's your proof?"

I told him the greatest proof is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in history. I don't think he was expecting that as proof, but it is all the proof we need and he began to listen more to my message.

I continued to challenge him with the Gospel and at the end of the conversation he stuck out his hand and thanked me for talking with him. Pray for Rollen to come to faith in Christ.

Very Special Prayer Request For You Prayer Warriors Out There

My firstborn son, Jesse, is about to be deployed to Afghanistan mid-August after the President of the United States told Congress that "No new soldiers will be deployed to Afghanistan."

My son is in the Army National Guard Reserves in Oregon. Their platoon is training right now to prepare for the nine-month tour. While he had been to Oman in 2012 for a short time, our country's leadership has deteriorated further and the Middle East is a mess.

So I am petitioning the Lord to stop the deployment so Jesse can return to his family and regular job.

I just don't trust our President and Congress to really protect our servicemen and make good decisions concerning the turmoil.
I have challenged a general, the governor, and three senators to stop this unnecessary action and a few of them have agreed with me that the deployment is not necessary. I actually got an audience with a general.
Please pray that my son's deployment is cancelled.