The bad news is that the Red Sox didn't
make the playoffs (you can take the boy out
of Boston, but you can't take Boston out of
the boy). But the rest of our news is good!
God is simply marvelous. He's active
and amazing 24/7, and He uses everyday
Joes like us to do His thing. That last part
does astound me. You'd think a God as
smart as He is would come up with a plan
more efficient than using mere men and
women to make His kingdom come. Though
I am flabbergasted, I am not complaining!
As a family, we had a refreshing time away over the summer, and that was
magnificent! We came home and hit the ground running; travelling and speaking,
challenging folks for missions. Sometimes one preaches lousy, sometimes one
preaches OK, and sometimes the Spirit just takes over and anoints the whole thing.
Lately there has been more of "option #3" going on and we are delighted!
We just came off of a busy weekend with two youth rallies in Ensenada and
Tijuana. The previous weekend I had been 500 miles away and two young adults
approached me separately to say they were from Ensenada, grew up attending our
rallies, and are now out serving the Lord because of what God did in their lives at
those rallies during their teen years.
Next week I am due to head to central Mexico. I am invited to be at three
different events, so we scheduled them consecutively to make it a little simpler.
Bottom line is I am privileged to be on the front lines, trusted to challenge the
Mexican church on behalf of the nations who yet wallow in darkness!
A little closer to home... As a rough and tumble drug-using and
drinking teen Omar used to show up "at church" two or three
times a year. His eyes were quiet and he always wanted prayer.
Time and time again I would see him have profound
experiences with the Holy Spirit, things most people would call
"Pentecostal happenings"—shaking, crying, falling, drunkenness.
Then he would walk out, and be gone for months. Yet it was
obvious God had a call on his life.
A few months ago Omar dared to take the dive. The change in
him has the entire town of Porvenir in awe. Particularly the dopers
who aren't easily fooled, they quickly know if someone is playing
a game or has really changed. Omar has their seal of approval;
he is the real deal.
Omar is solidly in the Word, seldom misses 6 am prayer, and
shares his faith with anyone who'll listen. The man will not sit still!
But let me tell you what most touched me of late... it happened this past Sunday.
First I will give you a quick "As the World Turns" background. José and Juana were
best friends with Mario and Maria, and both couples were active in the church. But then
some mix and matching that wasn't supposed to happen, happened. Maria spilled the
beans to her husband that she and José had been having a long and complicated affair.
So much for best friendships, and so much for church
ministry. Hats off to Mario, he loves his wife and loves the Lord
and wasn't about to give up on either of them. After some
rough years Mario and Maria were active again in church. In
the interim, José passed on and his widow Juana changed
churches. I understand that.
Juana's grandson recently came to know Jesus and is now
part of our worship band. This past Sunday Juana walked in
flanked by two teenage grandsons. Mario and Maria ended up
a few rows behind them. I knew when it was all over that
Juana would dash out and avoid dealing with her ex-best
But just after I said the final amen I looked over to see an
amazing sight. Juana had walked over to Maria and they were
locked in a deep embrace of forgiveness. I thought, "Wow;
that's what it is all about!" God is simply marvelous. He's active
and amazing 24/7!
Financially, it should be no surprise that we are in a challenging
season. If you are lead to give you can do so by check to our PO
Box. You can also give electronically online at:
Even more valuable is your intercession on our behalf. That is what
has made the difference these 40 years.
Because there is work yet to be done,
Marcos and Veronica