After 22 Supensions

He was an eleven year old boy behaving badly. His father was no longer in the picture and his mother had not responded to school personnel input. After 22 suspensions and a variety of attempted interventions, the boy was referred to us this summer.

It is difficult to measure intervention success over the summer because the young person will return to the environment in which his behavior matters most once school starts. What we were able to measure was his continued attendance, participation, lessons completed, and attitude during the sessions. His marks in each of those were very good.

However, sometimes the relationship means more than the measurements. You see, the boy surprised our intervention specialist on their final session together when he opened up his back pack to show Gilbert two - still in the package - Hot Wheels cars. He wanted Gilbert to have them as a gift from him; they were from his collection. They now hang in Gilbert's office.

These Hot Wheels, once prized by an eleven year old boy, are now treasured by Gilbert as a reminder to pray for this hurting and troubled boy and other young people like him.

I share this with you because our stories are your stories. It is your prayer and support that places us in the lives of these young people. Thank you!