Gonzalez Family

Our Ministry is focused on Church Planting. We started, as a small church, which we named “Biblical Missionary Church”. In Feb, 2015, we begin with small groups, as Bible studies at homes. We love to become friends with people and then present to them the Gospel. It has worked since we happen to be a very social Family. Eventually, we organize retreats for pastors and leaders. Also, my wife and 3 daughters, currently attend a local gym and it has been a blessing. They have planted the seed in women there, and it’s already giving fruits. It has become a place of counseling, moral support and discipleship to new believers. This is the women’s Ministry my wife has and it’s focused on dysfunctional families and domestic abuse. Our team is conformed by our family, my wife Rebecca, my two daughters Lucy (16) and Becky (21), and myself. Becky is currently attending College to be a Registered Nurse, Lucy is finishing High School. My daughter, Gris, who is married to Moises, and our grandkids, Aaron (6) and Mateo (20 months). Moises serves in the worship Ministry and has taught others to play instruments as well. Our 3 daughters join him to play the guitar, piano and singing. We love our Ministry and continue to pray for God’s Grace every day. May all the Glory be to the King of Kings!