Kramer Family

We moved to Auburn, California in June 2013 to join the Home Office staff of Global Fellowship, a growing family of disciples committed to "plant a Gospel witness within 30 minutes of everyone". This means we focus exclusively on geographic pockets with NO church, NO missionary, NO way of hearing the Words of Life.

Currently Global Fellowship works in 18 countries on three continents, with about 450 people. We have always had a strong emphasis on local partnerships and we currently have only about 15 Americans abroad; the vast majority of our team is national to the country in which they serve.

We are laser-focused on establishing Gospel communities in places where no other work is happening - we are a fellowship of pioneer church-planters in the most organic sense of the phrase.

Our Role

Kaben serves as the Director of International Operations, overseeing vision & values across our fields. This means he spends a lot of time on Skype (or Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, etc.) having real-life conversations with our field teams, wrestling through ministry challenges, encouraging weary hearts, and constantly lifting up Jesus as primary.

Part of journeying well with people is spending time with them in their context. Kaben travels a few times each year to various fields to do life with our teams. As often as is possible he eats with them, sleeps in their home, and does normal life alongside them. We seek to travel together as a family as much as possible but these days Kaben does most of the international travel alone while Jenn keeps up with all of Eisley's medical things.

Jenn serves through coordinating many logistical details of events, including helping organize all the details of hosting field teams in California for rest and support raising. We know our kids are super important, and Jenn's role as mother and home-maker is a serious and legitimate contribution to the success of our ministry.