1. It promotes their eternal joy. We believe that faith in Christ changes the eternal destiny of a person. I want kids to find eternal life and joy in Christ. So we work to introduce them to Jesus throughout the Kids ministry.
2. It helps them make sense out of life. Only understanding who made the world, what went wrong and God’s plan to fix it, can explain this world we all experience. It gives them a world view that makes sense.
3. It helps avoid some negative outcomes of sin. Kids are kids and no one is perfect but knowing the consequences of disobeying God and getting the right guidance, is often a wake-up call.
4. It can help “counter balance” worldly influences. Everyone knows the harmful influences present in our society. Kids need positive influences to tip the scale in favor of right living.
5. It can help them learn to love others. The 2nd greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. We must teach this as a way of life, because it doesn’t come naturally.
6. It is something fun to do. Do you know who invented fun? God did! Do you know why? For His own glory. God is “pro-fun” and we want our kids to have great fun.
7. It helps them make new friends. Some of the best friends children will ever make are in the church.
– Children’s Ministry Tip: Allow time for group activities and relationship building in your programs.
8. It helps discover and intervene in problem home situations. This is something we rarely address. But the church is often one of the few safe places on Earth for children whose home life is troubled.
9. It gives children special memories. Think back to when you were a child in Sunday school. Can you remember a special teacher or event?
10. It allows them to make friends with adult volunteers in safe context. In our culture child safety is a constant concern, and rightly so. But there is still great value in kids finding adult mentors in the church.  And learning that they are important to an adult.
So – with all of that in mind why not give a try to volunteering in the Summer Sunday Blast program this summer or in the ongoing age graded Sunday school program.  Call the office (951-7380) and talk to Mike Tackett. You will be blessed and be a blessing.      
...Pastor Marc