1.    Love your wife. Boys and girls need to see their parents as a couple devoted to one another.

2.    Be a man of integrity. Let your children see that you are the same man at home that you are in public.

3.    Show your kids their value. Key ingredients to showing value are how much time you spend with them and how important their interests are to you.

4.    Invest in their sense of self worth. Words of praise have a lasting effect.

5.    Communicate as a family. Knowledge breeds security, and children need the security that a united family will bring.

6.    Understand the purpose of parenting. Make it your goal to give the world the gift of your children, trained and prepared to live for the Lord.

7.    Apologize when needed. Your kids already know that you are not perfect, so you might as well admit it.

8.    Discipline to develop character. Your discipline of your kids now allows them to be self disciplined later.

9.    Allow your children to experience the consequences of their choices – good and bad.  “Choices create consequences” is a life principle to be learned early.

10.    Show tenderness. Your expressions of affection are vital.

11.    Pray for your kids – the Lord is listening.

Happy Father’s Day –

Pastor Marc.