The fact is that we “invite” people to do things all the time. When we see a movie we like, we invite others to see it. When we enjoy a good meal at a restaurant we invite others to dine there. Repeat that for TV shows, sports teams and many other things that we enjoy and feel are important, and so want others we care about to experience.

When we love something we talk about it and invite others to participate in it!

This is why we want to continue to foster a “culture of inviters” here at Quail.  What we mean by that is inviting on two levels. Level one is inviting people to experience Quail.  Each of us has people in our lives who would come to church if they were asked!  We must prayerfully ask God to give us the heart of an inviter and give us sensitivity regarding whom to ask. Imagine the impact we could have in Stockton if each one of us just brought one new person to Quail this year!

Level two is inviting people to Jesus by sharing the Gospel. Every born again Christian ought to be able to explain the simple pathway to salvation by placing faith in the work of Jesus. Learn to tell your story of faith and some key Bible verses (e.g. Romans 6:23) that you can use to share the message of salvation.

These fall months are perfect for stepping up our invitational powers. As we do, I am sure God will work in and through us. When we love something we invite others to share it with us!

Pastor Marc Maffucci