We have recently concluded our trip through the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible and we are now underway in the historical books segment. Therefore, this is the perfect time for us to introduce the available “ibook” and Kindle format book that presents the Pentateuch sermons in electronic book format. I am thankful to Sylvia for all the work she put in formatting the material and adding the extra pictures and charts etc.
          E-books, or in this case since we are dealing with Apple products “ibooks”, are digital books that are downloadable onto devices that connect to the internet. In this case the individual who wishes to buy the book, first downloads the free iBook app from the app store and then you can search for all the available conten or in the case of kindle simply go to the Kindle store.
         To find the “Pentateuch” book you would search on “Marc Maffucci” and it will come up. Then with a touch of a button the book can be downloaded to your device.
         We hope this will be helpful for those who would enjoy reading the material and having it in a format where you can retrieve it easily

Pastor Marc Maffucci