Recently, Sylvia and I had an excellent example of how our individual prayers and prayers together caused us to come to agreement about a decision that we had to make. Through prayer, God turned our individual thoughts to the place where, though we did not know it at first, we were in total agreement in changing a direction that we were headed in and choosing a new path.

It demonstrated for me once again how vital it is to enlist this unseen hand of God’s response to our prayers. As we pray individually and collectively for the work of the church, we will sense an empowering unity and agreement in what has to happen for the cause of God’s glory through our ministry.

So, let me call you to action in prayer!  We currently sponsor a number of prayer activities that you can be a part of, and through them minister to others and yourself.

1. Wednesday Morning Men’s Prayer in the Chapel. At 6am, I meet with approximately 30 other men and pray for the requests submitted on the cards that come in on Sunday and for the needs of the church. There is room for any man who wished to come.
2. Wednesday Morning Women’s Prayer. At 6am in the conference room in the office wing, there is a group of women who meet to pray. They pray through the prayer page in the bulletin, for the needs that come through the prayer chain and for the church. Ladies, you are invited to participate!
3. Wednesday Lunch time Co-ed Prayer. Men and women are invited to come at noon on Wednesdays and pray for the needs of the church.
4. Pre- Worship Prayer in the sanctuary.  Prior to the 8:30 service in the back of the sanctuary, there is a men’s prayer time in one corner and a ladies prayer time in the other.  It is a brief prayer for the ministry of the Word that day.
5. Post service prayer counselors. You regularly hear me mention that those individual who are in need of prayer can go to the prayer table in the front of the sanctuary by the organ to be prayed with. This is an excellent ministry. You can get involved (it may require some brief training) by contacting Kathy Barnes, the leader of our Prayer Commission, at 518-3187.
6. Starting this fall in the Prime Time class rotation, there will be a class that studies the prayers of the Old Testament with time given for prayer. It looks to be a great class!
7. Quail Lakes Baptist will participate in the city wide prayer vigil “52 Weeks of Prayer” with our week of prayer taking place September 21-27, as well as the 40 days of prayer ministry this fall.  You can sign up to participate in these events on August 30 and September 6 in the church foyer.
8. Quail will be a part of the “40 Days 4 Life” prayer vigil lasting six Wednesdays, September 23-October 28 in front of Planned Parenthood, 4555 Precissi Lane.

With all of these prayer opportunities, I ask you to come and be a part of our important prayer ministry.  I am convinced that as we pray, God will show us His will and that will be for our blessing.

His and yours,

Pastor Marc