Once again, this year we are thrilled to be able to participate in the “Love Stockton” day. This is a day when churches all across the city are mobilized to do loving work projects that will build up our city and show the love of Jesus Christ for the people of Stockton.

This year we are changing the way that we participate in the day and, instead of fanning out all over the city in a number of small projects, the people of Quail are descending all together on the Townhome Neighborhood Park (corner of Townhome Dr. and Cabana Way) where we will engage in one large “Impact Project”.

It will be a morning of landscaping, assembling a play structure, painting, picking up litter, laying down playground ground cover, building an ADA ramp and beautifying the park, as well as prayer tent ministry and door to door invitations.

All this will be followed by a lunchtime neighborhood picnic that we will put on for the residents and the “Go” workers as we fellowship together.

We are partnering in this project with “The Father’s House of Prayer” church, as well as Destiny Christian Center.

There is plenty to do and already the teams are being organized.  It will be a fun day altogether serving and fellowshipping as we demonstrate the love of Jesus.

Stop by the Love Stockton table on Sunday mornings and purchase the “Go” T- shirt (only $5) so that you are identified as part of the team and then arrive at Townhome Neighborhood Park between 8-8:30 am and plan to stay through the picnic lunch.  Let’s “Go- Love Stockton” together.

His and yours,

Pastor Marc Maffucci