When the angel appeared to the shepherds to announce the birth of Christ he brought “good tidings of great joy” Luke 2:10.  God’s wonderful plan for bringing us redemption through His son was about to unfold.

Woven through the eternal truths of the Christmas story we can find some other “good tidings” for which we can rejoice…

Good Tiding Number One:

God has a better idea!  As you look back over this past year it may be true that at some points you were praying for something that did not get answered right away or that the answer that came was other than what you wanted.  Be assured that God has a better idea!  Zechariah and Elizabeth had wanted a child for years but because God had a better idea they had to wait and the child that came was John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus.

Good Tiding Number Two:

The Lord is ready to meet us within our ordinary routine.  The shepherds were caring for sheep.  Mary was preparing for her wedding. The wise men were studying the stars as usual.  All were involved in everyday life, but it was in everyday life that the Lord met them and led them.

This good tiding should cause us to tune our ears and be alert for the ways that God will break into our routine.

Good Tiding Number Three:

Obedience always leads us to His best for us!  Joseph had to obey the command and take Mary as his wife, no matter what others were saying!  Mary and he had to call the baby ‘Jesus” for that was the command.  Obedience is woven all through the story and our obedience is called for in the world that rejects the biblical standards of purity and laughs at morality.  But it is in these acts of obedience that God’s best for us is discovered.

Good tidings of great joy abound this Christmas season.  I trust that you and yours will be blessed, enriched and encouraged as together we grow in the love of our savior.”

Have a blessed Advent and Christmas season,


Pastor Marc.