To enhance that kind of understanding and thus appreciation of the word of God for those of us at Quail, I intend to engage us in a very different kind of sermon series throughout 2014. The series will be called “A Look at the Book” and starting January 12, 2014 we will present an overview of an entire book of the Bible each week, Genesis through Revelation.

In order to achieve this without causing other important preaching topics to be lost, we will divide the series up into segments with a few Sundays in between each segment that will be given over to other emphases.

The goal of each message will be for all of us to have a synopsis overview of each book and an understanding of its main point and how each book relates to the story of salvation told throughout the entire Bible. To enhance that understanding, there will be a companion Bible study class each Sunday taught by Pastor Jim Eikenberry.  He will be able to go into greater detail in the class and cover some of the material that I will not be able to fit into the message.

I am taking this unusual step of telling you about this coming series in advance because it may well be that someone you know is curious about the Bible and would find such an overview interesting. I encourage you to pray about who you might be willing to invite to take this journey through the word with us.
Please take time to pray for this preaching emphasis as I hope that through it we will all become better students of the word.

His and yours,

Pastor Marc