Frazer Memorial Methodist Church in Montgomery, Alabama is one of the fastest growing churches in America. When the Pastor of that church was asked, “What is the secret of your growth?”  His answer was simple but profound, “people bring people.”

Understand, this is a church with great visibility in the community. They have high profile youth programs, they broadcast seven hours of television programming each week and have radio programs on the largest secular station in the city. Yet almost 90% of visitors who turn into members say that they came because someone asked them to come!

Individuals make the difference. In short, all of you reading this newsletter, you make the difference as to whether we at Quail will grow or stagnate in terms of attendance in 2016.  

It is important for us to see the opportunities that we have to invite people to come to church, not just to fill the pews, but to introduce them to the Savior. Our impact for Jesus in Stockton will depend on individual believers speaking up for Jesus Christ in their sphere of influence. 

“People bring people” is a good slogan to keep in mind as we seek to see our friends and neighbors won to Christ. So I encourage you to write a short list of people whom you would like to see come to Quail, and to pray for opportunities to invite those folks as soon as you can in this new year. You never know, but your invitation may be just the nudge that some people need to either get back in church or to start attending.  

So whom have you invited to come to Quail lately? Whom can you invite soon? Remember, people bring people!

Pastor Marc