Dear Quail,

We are introducing a brand new scholarship for outgoing High School Seniors who are entering full time freshman college programs. The Quail High School Seniors Scholarship will be awarded to one graduating senior who has achieved a 3.0 GPA or above and who is selected based on the following criteria.

 Any senior entering college/university may apply however priority will be given those who are entering a Christian College and more priority those with the intention of majoring in an area of study which would prepare them to pursue full time Christian ministry as a vocation.  Christian ministry in this context does not necessarily mean local church ministry but includes any aspect of ministry in a Christian context.

Financial need will be a factor that is considered in the awarding of this scholarship but it will not be the sole decision factor.

The awarded amount will be $1,000.  It will be paid to the student’s college in the form of a check that will be credited to the student’s tuition.

The applicant shall:

  1. Supply proof of GPA eligibility
  2. Write an essay not to exceed 1,500 words, explaining their aspiration in terms of their college education and a career to follow.
  3. Supply a letter of recommendation from a teacher or a guidance counselor.
  4. Applications shall be received by no later than April 30 of each year.

The Scholarship Award Committee shall be solely responsible to award this scholarship and shall announce the award each year by May 10.

Applications can be delivered to Pastor Tim Sovinec. Funds for this scholarship come from an endowment established by a private donation specifically for this purpose and do not come from the Church budget.

I hope that this will be a great service to college bound young people for years to come.

His and yours,

Pastor Marc Maffucci