Each day we hear the reports of the economic situation in Europe.  It is impossible for ministry groups to secure loans, particularly in Spain where our partner World Link operates a seminary that trains church planters.  This is the same seminary that Kenny Rock and I visited and taught at during the month of October. They have the wonderful opportunity to buy a building that will be a great advantage to their work.

Here is where new models of stewardship need to be employed.  We own our property free and clear (except for a small loan for our parking lot repair); they need the backing of a financially solid partner to guarantee a U.S. loan to purchase a church building which will house the seminary for years to come.

Keep in mind that Christian ministries in Spain have to locate on what is called “religious soil” as determined by the Government, which is few and far between.  This building is a church on such soil.  Truly the opportunity is a gift from God.

So today I am informing you that after a “due diligence” process, the Elders have allowed us to provide security that would guarantee a loan of $500,000 from a Texas bank.  This will be half of the price needed to purchase a building that will allow Sefovan Seminary to continue its work in a building of their own.  We are not lending them the money and no actual cash is being transferred; however, it is like co-signing a loan.

Is there risk?  Yes.  However, our confidence in our partner “World Link” (the parent organization for the Spain Seminary) is high and our confidence in our God to provide is extreme.

Stewardship means putting your resources to work for the Kingdom of God.  Please pray that the work in Spain will flourish and that God will be honored in the planting of churches.  Also, pray that the loan that this security is meant to enable will be quickly repaid.

His and yours,

Pastor Marc Maffucci