We also have recently welcomed Mike and Sabina Tackett, who are on furlough and maternity leave from Black Forest Academy in Germany.  We rejoice in the fact that Mike has agreed to join our staff here at Quail as Interim Director of Child and Family Ministries.
These are the missionaries that have come home to us; however, we also have new missionaries who are soon to depart…
Lee and Beta Taylor will leave us this month to serve at the Rain Forest International School in Cameroon. They will serve there through NAB missions for one year.
Shannon Rock will soon depart for the first of two mission deployments as she serves the Arms of Love Orphanage organization- first in Nicaragua and then in the Philippines. She will use her skill and training as a photographer and videographer to improve their media and web presence.
Bill Cowan will be deployed this month as Quail’s missionary to the Gospel Center Rescue Mission right here in Stockton.  Bill will take on a three year term in which he will minister to the marginalized population right here at home.
It is exciting to see the Lord placing His call on so many of our own, and it is affirming to see that for some of these, the call to further mission work came while they participated in one of our many short term mission trips.  The Lord is using your prayers and gifts to mobilize ministry to the world.  Please be in prayer for these missionaries and for the impact to the glory of the Lord that they will have.


The new emerging structure here at Quail…

With the recent departure of staff members, we have taken some time to review our ministry structure with the result of some changes in the way that we staff for ongoing ministry.  The new development is that we will soon see an “Adult Ministries” department that will be led by a new position called either “Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries” or “Director of Adult Ministries.”  
This individual, when hired, will oversee a staff consisting of part time coordinators of Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry and Senior Adult Ministry, while directly overseeing the Discipleship and Prayer Ministries. All of this will be facilitated by a new full time Administrative Assistant position.
With the Senior Adult Ministry migrating to the new Adult Ministry Department, Pastor Randy will now work with the Counseling Ministry.  He is currently in the process of hiring a new coordinator to work with him there.
In the interim period, Discipleship, Prayer and Body Life will connect administratively to me directly. Children and Family Ministry will connect to Mike Tackett, our interim director of Children and Family Ministries, and SALT (Senior Adult) will continue to connect administratively with Pastor Randy.
I believe that these changes make sense and, when fully staffed, will enable an effective ministry oversight structure while staying within our current personnel budget.
I can report that the search team is functioning well and we have excellent candidates for the new position of “Associate Pastor/Director of Adult Ministries.”  Pray for wisdom as they seek the one candidate who will be the best fit for Quail.    

Pastor Marc