Values influence behavior, inspire us to action and shape our mission and vision. The danger is that value statements sit in a binder on a shelf after a while and never see the light of day. So as we enter 2014 I thought I would re-visit those values with you and as I read them through again I was gratified to see that we truly have been shaped in our ministry over the years by these values. Here they are:

Definition of values –
“…the constant, passionate, biblical core beliefs that will drive the ministry.”Here are the values that we have stated as central… (I have abbreviated the statements in order to save space in this article- these are not in any specific order)

Bible Centeredness:
    “We are committed to the fact that scripture is our authoritative guide.”

Godly Leadership:
    “We are committed to being led by men and women with leadership gifts who are humble servants of the Lord and empowered by the anointing of the spirit.”

Financial Responsibility:
    “We are committed to excellence and integrity in our stewardship of the resources that the Lord has entrusted to our use.”

    “We are committed to being empowered by prayer in the conception, planning and outworking of the ministries of the church.”

Global Mission:
    “We are committed to international and cross-cultural effectiveness for the cause of Christ around the world, both a sponsoring and sending church in the area of world mission.”

    “We are committed to reaching out to lost people around us in ways that will allow us to cultivate relationships with the unsaved, plant the seeds of the gospel and reap the harvest of souls for Christ.”

Growth and Relevance:
    “We are committed to the fact that health brings growth.”
    “We are committed to providing a ministry setting that strengthens families.”

Lordship of Christ:
    “We are committed to the fact that followers of Jesus Christ should manifest authentic and continuous growth as they conform to Jesus in their character and lifestyle.”

    “We are committed to acknowledging and rejoicing in God’s supreme value and worth.”

Mobilization in Service:
    “We are committed to equipping and mobilizing the people of the church according to their divine design.”

Loving Relationships:
    “We are committed to functioning as a unified community that exhibits loving relationships of encouragement, nurture and help.”

Care Giving Within the Body:
    “We are committed to fostering relationships with one another so that care giving servant hood will take place.”

  An organizational specialist will tell you that we have too many values on this list.  But I am gratified to see that these values are today a great expression of the nature of the ministry and the people of Quail.

It is great to be your Pastor,

Pastor Marc Maffucci