First base- Win the lost! (Evangelism and Outreach ministries)

Second base- Build the believer! (Discipleship ministries for all ages)

Thrid base- Equip the faithful! (Divine Design education)

Home plate- Mobilize the disciple! (GO ministries)

Each of these bases represents a vital step in an individual's growth in ministry for the Lord. We believe that this is a useful and simple way to outline how a person grows in Christ through the ministry here at Quail. Our programming here at Quail follows these base path themes and seeks to offer quality experiences for each base.

Throughout the year 2015, you will notice that the components of our vision- which is to be a church that enables people to move around the bases of win, build, equip, mobilize- will be highlighted. The values that gave birth to these vision ideas will be discussed in the pages of the Quail Call. It is my hope that you will pray for and fully participate in every aspect as we run the bases together in 2015!

His and yours.

Pastor Marc Maffucci