As you read this article, Sylvia and I are on a sabbatical trip. The sabbatical is given to pastors to allow them some extended time “out of the saddle” for rest, reflection and refreshment. It is a time of extended reading, travel and the gaining of new experiences that hopefully will enrich and improve the ministry of the pastor upon his return. That is exactly what Sylvia and I are hoping for in this time away. I know that you will be well cared for from the pulpit with the combined efforts of Rev. Steve Keller (our Area Minister), Pastor Jim Eikenberry, Pastor Wayne and Pastor Randy. I also hope that you will fully engage the big picture efforts that we will be focusing on this month such as the “All Church Go Project – Restore Stockton.” During this time away, Sylvia and I will be cruising through the Panama Canal where we will get to visit countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama and Columbia. Then, after a brief visit with my folks in Florida, we will spend some time in Washington DC and then come back across country by rail. It is going to be a time filled with travel so please pray that the details will all work out and for safety. Upon our return to Stockton we will travel to Santa Barbra to be present for, our oldest daughter, Alison’s graduation from Westmont College. Thank you for this opportunity and we will see you when we return.

God bless you,

Pastor Marc Maffucci


Dear Quail Family –

I am proud to announce that the QLBC Foundation is now sponsoring 2 annual scholarships for those who are studying for future Christian ministry in a master’s level or above program. We hope that this will assist some of the future pastors, missionaries and Christian ministry workers that are among us today. Here are the details:

Ministry Studies Scholarship

Award amount: $2,000.

Number of scholarships available annually: 2.

This scholarship is awarded to the person who is studying at the Masters Degree or above level at a theological seminary with the purpose of training for the Christian ministry as a vocation. Christian ministry in this context does not necessarily mean local church ministry, but includes any aspect of ministry in a Christian context. Financial need will be a factor considered in the award of the scholarship, but not the sole decision-making factor.


A demonstrated 3.0 or above G.P.A. in undergraduate studies upon graduation or a cumulative within the master's program should the applicant already be enrolled and Quail church membership.

School eligibility:

A WASC accredited (or similar) evangelical theological seminary.

Application process-the application shall:

Supply proof of G.P.A. eligibility:

write an essay not to exceed 2000 words explaining their: Testimony of Christian salvation. Call to ministry and what sort of ministry they foresee. An explanation of how this education program supports the ministerial goals of the applicant. Applications are to be turned into the church office by May 31. Applications will be reviewed by the QLBC Foundation Ministry Studies scholarship commission to be awarded by July 31. Awards must be presented in person in a public service of QLBC.


His and Yours,

Pastor Marc Maffucci