1.    A dynamic church has a committed membership. Members expect to give of their time and energies. I am thankful for the many, many volunteers who are finding joy as they live out their divine design by service here at Quail.
2.    A dynamic church has “ full spectrum education”, meaning Christian education programs for all ages and for all ages of development in the Christian walk. Are you a part of one of our Sunday school classes or Life Together Groups or Prime Time Studies?
3.    A dynamic church has a Bible based motivational pulpit ministry where the Gospel is clear and worship is emphasized. Pray for me as I seek to honor God in the preaching of his word.
4.    A dynamic church has sub congregations. Meaning that there is fellowship and nurture in small group activities.
5.    A dynamic church builds facilities for growth. Pray for our leadership as we always seek to envision how to use our facilities more effectively for the expansion the gospel.
6.    A dynamic church is in pursuit of excellence. “Good enough” is not a part of the vocabulary.
7.    A dynamic church has diversified staff.  We are blessed with a great staff team on every level-pray for them.
8.    A dynamic church experience organizational renewal. In other words we can’t be afraid to find new and creative ways to make decisions and the administrative structure must serve the mission.
9.    A dynamic church values relationships. Once again your participation in the small groups of the church is vital for the bonding of relations ties.
10.    A dynamic church is willing to try new things and make bold decisions. As I look over these criteria, with benefit of many years since this list was formulated, I am encouraged to see how well we compare here at Quail. However, we should never get comfortable, but always seek to answer the question – “How can we do what we do for the Lord even better!”

His and yours,

Pastor Marc