Today I write an article that is aimed not for all of our family of faith here at Quail, but only for the men. I do so because I wish to highlight what has come to be an important aspect of my personal life, ministry and walk with the Lord, the early morning men’s prayer time each Wednesday.
When Paul writes to the Colossian Christians he says,
Colossians 4:2
“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.”
I am thankful to say that we have a group of men, of which I am a part that takes this issue seriously and carries out this command.  I realize that we have many prayer groups that meet throughout each week, but since the group of which I am a part meets in the Chapel on Wednesday mornings at 6am, that is the group I will talk about today.
Each morning as we meet, we spend time taking prayer requests from one another and we distribute the prayer cards that have come in from the Sunday’s service.  We then share a scripture passage and open our prayer time focusing our prayers on the glorious truths that spring from the selected passage.  As the prayer time moves forward, we cover in prayer the requests that the men have suggested as well as the cards that have come from the worship services.
We end this ministry every Wednesday promptly at 7 am and I am blessed to say there is always a prayer from me and the ministry of the word that will happen the following Sunday.
Why do I write this?  To serve as an invitation to the men of Quail!  
I would love to have you come and join in this important ministry.  Are you timid to pray out loud?  No matter!  Come and you will not find any pressure to do so. Are you zealous for that last hour of sleep? I ask you to give it away as a sacrifice of praise to the Lord and you will find blessing in the company of praying men.  Men, are you thinking that there is not much of a ministry role for you?  Be assured that this and the other prayer groups that meet each week are the foundation of all that we do for the Lord.  This is the reason that the gospel can be proclaimed in power and that lives can be changed. Nothing that we do that is birthed in human talent will last, but all that is born in prayer is eternal.
I say without apology that the power of prayer is essential for our work for the Lord and I ask each man reading this article to consider attending and making it a regular discipline of your walk with Jesus.  You will find a welcome, open and warm reception when you come.
The hymn writer reminds us, “Oh what peace we often forfeit, oh what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer.”
Men, I invite you to help us carry the needs of this church family to the Lord in prayer! Join us Wednesdays at 6am in the Chapel. Make it a regular feature of your week. You will be a blessing and be blessed in return.

Pastor Marc