Dear Quail Lakes Family,  Words cannot express how moved we were with the out-pouring of love toward us as we concluded our full time role at Quail the last week-end of March. Your cards, notes, spoken words, gifts and hugs were an experience we will treasure the rest of our lives.

As excited as we were about moving to Stockton in 1975, we were incapable of imagining what a joy it would be to serve the Body of Christ throughout these almost 37 years at Quail Lakes. We stood by and watched with awe as God drew so many people to the  ministries offered at Quail. And we marveled at the way so many stepped  up to serve with their respective  gifts, bringing out the best in everyone and developing a healthy church body which looked out into the community  to meet needs in the name of Jesus.

Serving together over the years brought exhilarating team work, meaningful friendships, the fulfillment of being used by God, the fruit of souls, thriving disciples, and Glory to God. Only eternity will reveal all that God did during  these years as we served together.

By the time you read this we may be somewhere in Tennessee  or South Carolina, soaking in the relaxation of travel and Southern Hospitality. If you want to travel with us vicariously, Carol Schmidt can give you a copy of our itinerary. We look forward to “re-entering” Quail Lakes on July 1st in the new part-time role of “Pastoral Care of Senior Adults”.

Meanwhile, God Bless you dear Quail Lakes people !


Wayne and Cheryl