Statistics show us that an average church member will need 7 people that they recognize as friends after attending the church for more than one year in order for them to feel relationally connected to the body.  So the question becomes how does a church go about creating friendships for people?  The answer is that we can’t, all we can do from a church programming point of view is create those contexts where relationships have a chance to grow.  However, for each individual the answer to how to create friendships is very simple. It is the old adage, “in order to have a friend, be a friend.”  That means we all must reach out to others, invest in hospitality, learn names and plan activities together with other people so that we are investing in one another’s lives.  The best way for this to occur is for us all to be involved in a small setting ministry.  It could be a Sunday school class, Primetime study, GO group, or home Bible study, whatever opportunity allows us to be side by side with others and form relationships.

Another important way for us all to show our concern for others is to pay attention to our visitors on Sunday morning.  Do you know how you can tell if someone is a visitor at Quail?  It is easy, the visitor is the one sitting in the pew reading the bulletin prior to the start of the service!  Why not get to church just a few minutes early and greet those around you and get to know them?  Learn a few more names and help create an atmosphere of warmth and love.  This will go a long way toward making others feel like a part of the Quail family.

As we enter this fall season, let’s determine to make sure that everyone who attends Quail is welcomed well and knows that we appreciate them.

His and Yours,

Pastor Marc Maffucci