Are you on Facebook?  Do you carry a mobile device when you come to church? Do you have the Facebook App on your mobile device?

If you answered these questions with “yes,” then you can use Facebook in a great way to spread the word about the ministry here at Quail. All you need to do is use the “check in” feature every time you come to church or attend a function or program here at Quail. That little process will relay the message to all of your Facebook friends that you are participating here at Quail at that time. It promotes what we do for the Lord here and allows you to be a witness by your posting regarding your participation here at Quail.

Another way you can use Facebook to share the message of hope that we preach here at Quail is to “share” all the postings, videos and invites to programs that we put up with your friends. This sharing acts like a relational megaphone, increasing the reach of those messages and announcements.

In order to share our material, it is first important that you “like” the Quail Lakes Baptist Church Facebook page, and “friend request” me (Pastor Marc). I reproduce most of what we put on the Quail page on my personal page so that I can spread the message to those who may not yet be connected to the Quail Facebook page.

These simple steps will enable you to be a part of us getting the word out to many who do not currently attend a church and it is very easy to do!
So, your Facebook ministry matters – go ahead and spread the word about all that the Lord is doing here at Quail.


Pastor Marc.