This Week’s Prayer Needs

Elder of the Week ~ Mike Sather, Treasurer
Commission Leader ~ Tom Van De Pol, Youth
Staff Person ~ Jenelle Maloy, Coordinator of 5th & 6th Grades
Our Civic Leaders ~ Jerry Brown, California Governor
Global Focus Partner ~ Vivian Dockey, InterCP ~ Vivian will be reaching out to refugees in the Middle East through a medical mission and door-to-door evangelism for two weeks through InterCP, a ministry that focuses on the unchurched in the 10/40 window. Please pray for traveling mercies, safety, and for open hearts and minds to the Gospel.
Hospital ~ Barney Swearingen
Home ~ Maynard Bostwick, Modine Blalock, Gil Burruel, Richard Carr, Cindy Daasch, Mark Eppler, Ernie Federico, Marcy Kardos, Andrea Orgioli and Larry Phillips
Skilled Nursing ~ Carolyn Baker, Shirley Graese, Barbara Patrick, Bobbie Rohrer and Eunice Sloan
Assisted Living ~ Irene Armstrong, Ethel Haase, Velma Hardesty, Roy Henson and Nadine Perry
Long Term Illness ~ Joe Abreo, Kate Baumgarten, Hannah Bell, Kathy Burton, Lillian Carter, Jean Castillo, Burline Covey, Diantha Devers, Aldrene DuVaul, Pat Franscella, Jeri Gardner-Thompson, Debbie Hirtzel, Janice Jones, Tony Joordens, Denise Jow, Chenay McCoy, Donna McFall, Carl Nordstrom, Eloise Potratz, Kelly Reyburn, Cathy Rodriguez, Russ Romero, Leticia Seadler, Gloria Valverde and Sue Yee

Congratulations to ~ Patrick and Natalie McKeegan on the birth of their son, Owen Gregory, on Aug 1. Also to proud grandparents Greg & Ellen McKeegan and Jerry & Tami Tuel.