Dear Quail family,
I long for each person at Quail to fall deeply in love with the word of God and through that word with Jesus. However, I recently realized that the way we preachers structure our messages it is hard for people to see the Bible’s big picture. What I mean by the “big picture” is the ability to understand each of the books of the Bible in terms of its purpose, setting in history and how each book relates to all of the other books of the Bible.

I have a special sensitivity about Christmas lights these days. For those of you who remember my fall while hanging ours a few years ago, you will know why. However, that incident has not diminished my love for the colorful lights that we see springing up all around us as Christmas approaches.

Dear Quail Family,

It is hard to believe that October is already here. We have been very busy in the things of the Lord recently and I am so pleased to note what he has been doing in our midst. One thing that is unusual and soon to come to Quail is the Northern California Association annual meetings of the North American Baptist Conference.

On October 19 from 9am to noon, delegates from all over Northern California and representatives of the North American Baptist Conference will be with us to share a morning of inspirational talks as well as decisions that will guide our operation as an Association in NAB for the next year.

Our speakers for the morning will be Cam Roxburgh, NAB Vice President for Missional Movements and Tony Campos from the NAB affiliated Hispanics for Christ – Casa de Luz.

It will be a rich time of fellowship with the delegates and pastors from the other 25+ NAB churches in our area.  Everyone is welcome to attend, and if you are a member of Quail, I invite you to register as a delegate.  As a delegate, you will participate in the vote that will be taken for Association funding for this next fiscal year.

To register as a delegate, please contact Tracy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call 951-7380 and ask for Tracy so that she can place you on the official delegate list. I hope to see you at the Nor-Cal annual meetings this year right here at Quail, October 19, 9am-Noon.

His and yours,

Pastor Marc Maffucci

Once again this month we will see Thanksgiving time turn into a high level all church "GO" project mobilization. This will take the form of a very family friendly way to bless our community and point people to Jesus while meeting their physical need.

Once again, this year we are thrilled to be able to participate in the “Love Stockton” day. This is a day when churches all across the city are mobilized to do loving work projects that will build up our city and show the love of Jesus Christ for the people of Stockton.

This year we are changing the way that we participate in the day and, instead of fanning out all over the city in a number of small projects, the people of Quail are descending all together on the Townhome...