Sometimes change comes on us like successive waves, a steady pulsating of new circumstances and situations. Other times, it seems that change overtakes us like a howling storm that was unpredicted but is all of a sudden upon us.

As we start the year 2015, I would like to direct our thoughts back to our familiar "Quail Base Path." It is the image that we use to describe our vision of ministry. In other words, we will know that we are accomplishing our mission of "winning and building passionate, lifelong followers of Jesus Christ" when increasing numbers of people are moving around these bases. So what are the bases? They are as follows

What does good stewardship look like for a church family like Quail as it relates to our Global Focus in these days? Surely it means being generous in our giving, but even more than that it means putting our resources to work for God's Kingdom efforts in new and creative ways.

Is there someone who is hard to shop for on your list this Christmas? Probably all of us know someone for whom it is hard to shop. It seems that they have everything that they need and anything we can think to get them they say they do not want.

I recently read a book in which the author told of an incident where he overheard one woman come up to another and say, “Smell my hair.” To his astonishment, that is exactly what she did. This led to an extensive conversation about new hair care products. The first woman was passionate about the great smelling shampoo that she had found and how the other woman ought to try it.