We have been taught throught life that regular giving is a part of our sterwardship responsibilities, recognizing God's ownership of all.  Our present giving is critical to the strength and witness of God's Church.  But also important is the distribution of our estates after we have gone on to be with our Lord.  Therefore, as part of our total Stewardship program, we should spend the necessary time to do a thorough job in planning the distibution of our estates.  Regardless of your charitable giving goals, an up-to-date will is one of the most imprtant legacies you can leave your family.

The QLBC Foundation has been established to help assist you in this very important aspect of stewardship.  Ready the following to undstand its purpose and answer questions about how the Foundation works.

What is "The QLBC Foundation?"

"The QLBC Foundation" is a tax-exempt corporation formed to support the ministry of QLBC.  Its purpose is to provide a vehicle for the friend of QLBC to support the church in special ways right now and to remember the church in their wills and memorials.  Through The Foundation they can be assured that such funds will be administered for the benefit of QLBC programs separate from the church's annual operating budget.

How will the Foundation use its money?

To support the ministry of Quail Lakes Baptist Church in various ways:

  1. New program development.
  2. Additional missions support for the community and the world.
  3. To promote and support scholarships for short-term mission work and for seminary level courses in preparation for full time ministry.
  4. To receive and administer funds for other educational and charitable purposes as desired by donors, upon approval of foundation members.
  5. Property acquisition and management for future church needs.
  6. Building programs to ensure church and ministry needs.

Board of Directors and Officers

  • Lester Cook, Chairman
  • Fred Hammond, President/Treasurer
  • Paul Kozlow, Secretary
  • Marc Maffucci, Director
  • Fred Jantz, Director
  • Bob Denton, Director
  • Don Roek, Director

More to come...