Tony Dunaway

How does a farm kid from Mississippi end up serving orphans in Zambia? The simple answer, and really the only one, is through God’s wonderful grace and plan for my life… which includes many friends who have prayed and supported me on this adventure, with stops in California, Cameroon, Chicago… and now Zambia! It was on a trip to Haiti, following the devastating earthquake in 2010, where I was first introduced to global orphan care… which led me to pursue a ministry change where I could engage my desire to serve and share Christ’s love internationally. When I consider how much I have been given, how can I not “give back” to children who have lost everything—a mother, a father, perhaps both!

One of my greatest joys is spending time at one of the My Father’s House Orphan Homes sponsored by Every Orphan’s Hope (EOH) in Zambia. The children are so smart, so vibrant and simply overflowing with the love that can only come from our Heavenly Father. Their hopes and aspirations are not so different from those you and I held in our youth… to become a doctor, teacher, author or pilot… and now I have the opportunity to encourage and influence these young dreams! What a gift!

Tony Dunaway

And who doesn’t love camping? EOH’s annual Camp Hope experiences provide hundreds of orphan children the opportunity to learn the biblical principles of Faith, Truth, Hope and Love, enjoy nutritious meals they otherwise would not receive, and participate in crafts and games. But in the midst of all this activity, if we miss the opportunity to introduce them to Christ, what is the point? Many of these children make first-time decisions to follow Christ!

Speaking of growing up on a farm, I guess you might say I have returned to my roots. In Zambia, I am working with our local team to expand agricultural projects that promote local support and sustainability for EOH ministries. Through the Chicks-4-Orphans poultry farm we also provide training for the children living in My Father’s House homes.

God is definitely at work in Zambia, and I am delighted to be involved in raising orphans to life in Christ! And while I may not provide a compelling case for why He chose me to be involved in caring for orphans and widows in Zambia, I can say with certainty, there is nothing I desire more than to be where I can fulfill His purposes for my life. I pray the same for you! There is incredible peace and joy that comes with living out our God-given desires. If you have questions about my journey feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or visit for additional information about the ministry of Every Orphan’s Hope.