Many years ago I was able to attend a church ministry conference that dramatically shaped my ideas about the kind of church that can be dynamic impact for Jesus Christ in any city. Recently I was reflecting again on some of those important lessons.

Way back in 2003 the Elders worked hard to hammer out a statement of the core values at Quail. It was important time of thought and prayer in that our values determine our church distinctive qualities. Values communicate the botton line and show us what we think is really important.

I have a special sensitivity about Christmas lights these days. For those of you who remember my fall while hanging ours a few years ago, you will know why. However, that incident has not diminished my love for the colorful lights that we see springing up all around us as Christmas approaches.

Dear Quail family,
I long for each person at Quail to fall deeply in love with the word of God and through that word with Jesus. However, I recently realized that the way we preachers structure our messages it is hard for people to see the Bible’s big picture. What I mean by the “big picture” is the ability to understand each of the books of the Bible in terms of its purpose, setting in history and how each book relates to all of the other books of the Bible.

Once again this month we will see Thanksgiving time turn into a high level all church "GO" project mobilization. This will take the form of a very family friendly way to bless our community and point people to Jesus while meeting their physical need.