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Hume Lake 2018

Hume Lake 2018 Registration is here! This year’s camp dates are June 24-30. Please read the application packet completely and carefully - it contains information about this year's registration process, payment deadlines, and many other important details. All Registration forms and Campership applications are due in the church office by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, April 3rd.

2018 Hume Registration Packet

Who We Are... A group seeking to live out our true identity and purpose as Christians in this world.

Why We are Here... We are working to build meaningful relationships with our Lord and Savior as well as with each other so that we might better serve Christ.

How We Will Do It... We will read God's Holy Word and take an hones look at ourselves and our surroundings while we apply what He has to say to our lives

What Do We Do... Sunday School 10:00-11:30 am in Room E308, Wednesday nights 6:30-8:00 pm in Room E308.