About Quail

Who We Are

Our mission is to win and build passionate, life-long followers of Jesus Christ. Toward this end, we offer a great diversity of ministries to all spectrums of the community. All are driven and led by talented, Godly staff and committed lay people who give leadership and momentum.

At Quail, we offer a variety of worship experiences:

  • Traditional – (Sunday mornings, 9:00 in the Sanctuary)
    Featuring our instrumental ensemble, choir and teaching from Pastor Marc Maffucci;
  • Sunday school for all – (Sunday mornings, 9:00)
  • Contemporary – (Sunday mornings, 10:45 in the Sanctuary)
    Featuring our Praise Band, Praise Team and teaching from Pastor Marc Maffucci;

We come to worship with humble hearts ready to prayerfully encounter God and learn from his Word, confident that He is working in and through his people.

Our Mission

The Mission of Quail Lakes Baptist Church is to Win & Build Passionate, Lifelong Followers of Jesus Christ

The Quail Base Path

We will fulfill our mission by being a church that propels individuals around the bases of the Quail Base Path in order that they might be discipled as followers of Jesus Christ.

Our History

This church family was started in 1959 by a group of committed Christians who felt the growth of the area was ripe for a church witness. The founding pastor, Rev. G. G. Rauser, and his successor Rev. Alvin Harsch, laid the foundation for the first ten years. They were followed by Pastor Fred Jantz, who joined us in 1970. He served as Senior Pastor for 30 years. Pastor Marc Maffucci who has been with us since August of 2001 now leads our church.

Statement of Beliefs/Policies

Baptists, since their beginnings, repeatedly have composed confessions, which expressed the doctrinal consensus among related churches. In principle, however, Baptists always have insisted that no statement of faith can be considered creedally binding even upon concurring congregations. The purpose of their doctrinal summaries was to explain to other Christians and to the larger society what Baptists believed and practiced. Within and among Baptist churches, statements of faith also provided a standard for instruction, counsel and fellowship.

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