Adult Ministries

Adult Discipleship

“Bible study was never meant to be the end…but the beginning.”

Adult Discipleship exists to encourage and support adults in gathering together around God’s Word. To foster growth in our relationship with God and others, we regularly meet in large and small groups to share and discuss various topics and books of the Bible. Adult Discipleship is designed to help you know Jesus, follow Him, and connect with others.


Deaf Ministry

At Quail Lakes Baptist Church we have a desire to win and build passionate, lifelong followers of Jesus Christ in the Deaf community. We want you to know that this is a place where you are welcomed and desired and we feel that without your presence, we are not complete. We invite you to participate in our 11:15 a.m. service that is interpreted. Draw close to our Lord and find strength and joy as we worship together.


Men's Ministries

God created men to reflect God's goodness, glory, power and wisdom. The Men's Ministry at Quail Lakes Baptist Church is discovering the joy and adventure of what that is all about. We would like to have you join us on the journey. The mission of the Men’s Ministry at Quail Lakes Baptist Church is to win and build men as passionate lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.


Prayer is an important part of every ministry at Quail Lakes Baptist Church. Simply stated, prayer is communicating with God. Relationships grow with communication: the better the communication, the better the relationship. And so it is with prayer. Our relationship with God deepens and becomes more meaningful with good communication. Prayer is at the heart of knowing God, loving God, and serving God.


Senior Adults

Senior Adults are having the time of their lives! One senior regularly says, “If I were doing any better, I would be twins!” Quail’s Senior Adult Ministry is committed to serving and enhancing the social and spiritual needs of those 60+ through ongoing events, activities, and Bible studies.


Women's Ministries

Life is a journey of spiritual growth involving different seasons of life. Our ministry is full of women in different phases and stages. Women’s Ministry is designed to connect, assist, and join women on their journey of self-discovery and meaningful relationship with the Lord. No matter who you are, or where you are, God has a plan for your journey and we have a place for you.


Worship Arts

Worship Arts exists to lead the Quail Lakes congregation in the passionate worship of God through music, both in a Traditional setting, and in a Contemporary setting. We do this by being worshippers ourselves, and by demonstrating worship through various means. It is our desire that everyone who attends Quail Lakes will experience God through worship and through the teaching of God’s Word.

Young Adults

Quail Lakes Baptist Church has an active ministry of Young Adults. We identify anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 as Young Adult no matter your current stage of life. We have Young Adults who are married, in college, single, have children, and everything in between. Everything our group does centers around God's Word and the saving Gospel.


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