Marriage 911

Is your marriage in trouble? Thought about walking out? If you’re ready to do something to save your marriage, Marriage 911 is for you. Come and learn about God and His plan for marriage so you can reconcile and heal.

Attend as a couple or one willing partner to seek healing for your home.

In this 13-week support group, each week you will sit with other women and men with a small group leader. You will learn to identifying unmet needs, to care for yourself and your partner, how to uncover your feelings, and how to build new habits and hope. There is a workbook that the group follows that provides practical steps for working out these marriage-saving principles. Come join with couples who know what real conflict looks like and who have made it to the other side.

This is a joint effort of churches across Stockton—all are welcome! Per the California Supreme Court ruling on 2/5/2021, this group will meet indoors following social distancing norms. Masks are required per both the state and the church Board of Elders.

Sign up online here. The workbooks cost $22 for each person. After buying the workbook once, you can attend the class once or an unlimited number of times.

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