Family reading together

The purpose of Family Challenge is to encourage our students to read their Bible independently and follow up on what they’ve learned in the Kid’s Quest children’s worship service. They can do this by completing Family Challenge activities on their own or with a parent’s assistance at home.

There are three Family Challenge seasons: Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer. If a student completes the designated number of activities within a given season, he or she will be rewarded with a family invitation to a Family Quest event. These celebratory events are held at the end of each Family Quest season.

There are four types of activities that count toward the Family Quest Challenge:

  1. Completing the Family Devotion that is posted to the website every Monday.
  2. Memorizing the unit verse, and
  3. Reading an entire chapter out of any book of the Bible (for emerging readers, this may be done with a parent’s assistance).
  4. Watch a video from the Bible Project website.

Any combination of these activities will be accepted, but we encourage you to try them all! When a child completes an activity, they must fill out a line on the “Family Challenge” form (available for download below or hard copy in your child’s classroom) by filling in the date they completed it, checking off the appropriate activity, and obtaining a parent’s or guardian’s initials. Please note that the child should fill in the chapter when they read.

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