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General Topics

General Topics

Dec 2014 - Jul 2020
Topics of general interest.
Sermons in this series
Sun, Jul 05, 2020
Duration: 1 hr 34 mins
Teaching: “Questions About Covid-19: Why Does God Allow Disease?” | Key concept: God is good even in hard times!
Tue, Jun 09, 2020
Duration: 1 hr 30 mins
Teaching: “God’s Will For Racial Harmony” | Key concept: The church of Jesus Christ must model and advocate for racial harmony.
Sun, Feb 16, 2020
Duration: 18 mins
It's time to prepare for the fight we are already in.
Sun, Dec 29, 2019
Passage: Luke 21:5-36
Duration: 32 mins
"When the author steps on the stage, the play is over." (C.S. Lewis)
Sun, Nov 24, 2019
Duration: 30 mins
Key Concept: God does not pay wages, He gives gifts of grace.
Sun, Oct 13, 2019
Duration: 32 mins
Key Concept: God made you, Jesus told you.
Sun, Jul 21, 2019
Passage: Jonah
Duration: 37 mins
Key Concept: Stay tuned in, and be responsive, to God's guidance. (Don't ignore, rebel against, or snooze through God's promptings)
Sun, Jun 30, 2019
Duration: 35 mins
Key Concept: When we are full of self-doubt, pride or fear, we miss opportunities to impact this world with the good news of Jesus Christ. the Key to being impactful is not strength, but humility.
Sun, Jun 23, 2019
Duration: 38 mins
Key Concept: When you serve, you express Jesus' heart in the most amazing way (not to mention it's the pathway to greatness and joy!)
Sun, Jun 16, 2019
Duration: 30 mins
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