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A Much Needed Upgrade to our Sanctuary Projection System


The time has come to upgrade our imaging and projection system in our Sanctuary. As you probably realize, every decade or so significant changes come to the way images and words are projected in churches. I remember back when we used an overhead projector and someone was tasked to switch the overheads from song to song. Then we progressed to slides, then to Power Point etc.

We at Quail have not kept up with the current technology nor do we present ourselves in our current format as a body that is functioning in keeping up with the times. The time has come for us to upgrade! What that means is, we will be enlarging and relocating our screens, adding a middle screen, and getting new laser technology projectors. The look on the screens will be enhanced and we will be able to offer programs such as simulcast conferences, movie nights and concerts with excellence.

What will change? You will notice three large screens behind the platform. The crosses that have been our visual focal point will not be able to be physically present in that the screen will be affixed to the wall. However, we will digitally capture the image of the three crosses in a variety of lighting settings and we will be able to use those images in our worship programming. You will also notice much brighter images on the screen and a lot more use of color and movement.

The Elders, along with a small task force, have been working on this project behind the scenes for some time. We have taken field trips to view the latest projection installations, have had companies set up temporary systems in our own Sanctuary for evaluation and evaluated a variety of technology products prior to coming to the conclusion of the specific technology and the specific company that has been chosen. The timing of the installation has not been settled on at the time of this writing, but it will be soon. We are excited about this new step and pray that you will be blessed with the product and the enhancement it will make in our worship experience.

His and Yours,
Pastor Marc

Walk by Faith
Tapestry, Sermon Series and Sabbatical

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Thursday, 08 December 2022

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