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An Update from Pastor Marc

Dear Quail,

"Bloom where you are quarantined," that was the title of an article I read recently.  I loved the title! The article author (Clarissa Moll) says the following,

As communities around the world close down because of COVID-19, I suspect I’m not alone in my loneliness.  Indeed, Jesus will come to our lonely places. He promises to meet us in our deserts, our quarantined spaces, to renew our souls, bring us joy, comfort our hearts, and give us peace.  In the midst of this companionship our loneliness still gnaws at us…This lingering loneliness reflects a deep longing for communion, one that will only ever be satisfied when we see Jesus face to face.

In these are days when we are continuing our “physical distancing” we are needing to navigate life in a new way but we have the invitation of our Lord to use the time to direct our hearts toward Him.

There are many ways that you can “bloom where you are quarantined”:  

Through enriching reading, meaningful phone and Facetime conversations, helpful caregiving for one another (in a safe manner) or even circling back to those long neglects projects around the house.  But most of all by renewing your dedication to read scripture, to start or keep your prayer journal, and to write about what you are experiencing today.

Years from now to this period of time will be the history that our kids and grandkids will read about.  They will wonder what it was like to experience a world-wide shut down. Their teachers will give assignments to talk with those who were there!  So, capture your first hand thoughts and prayers and impressions in writing. You are an eyewitness to history in the making!  

By way of some updates here is the latest from QLBC…

We praise the Lord for the 13 people who have responded to the “Text Faith” invitation that has been offered at the end of the virtual church services.  We are seeking to follow up on them now. 

Thank you to the more than one hundred brand new “online” givers.  We hope that this giving format will continue to be useful to you and we encourage you to set up “recurring gifts” in that online format, that way your giving will continue in a regular fashion.  Thank you also to those of you who are mailing in your tithes and offerings. You may send them to QLBC, PO Box 7955, Stockton CA 95267.

Now is the time to “Go Lift our health care workers”!

This next week we will engage in a program called “Go Lift Health Care Workers”  in which we will seek to bless and say thank you to the medical professionals who are working so hard in our area hospital.  We will caravan to St. Joseph’s, Dameron and San Joaquin General on Wednesday, April 22nd starting at 10am.

We will form a “Care-A-Van” and drive by each hospital with signs (that you make at home) while we honk horns shouting thank you!  The day prior (Tuesday) teams will be deployed to do chalk art and place encouraging yard signs at each hospital. To top it all off we will deliver individually packaged slices of cake for the employees of each hospital.

This is how you can get involved.  Text “CARAVAN” to 209-257-8768, you will get a return text, click the link and fill in your contact information.  Details about the staging area for the caravan will be sent to you.

If you are making signs to wave or have in your car windows they should read, “Thank you for all you do, or You are our heroes, or We are praying for you, or God Bless you, or “You give us hope”.

If you want to be part of the chalk art of yard sign teams txt the word “Art” to 209 257-8768.

Thank you Pastor Randy and pastor Grant for putting this together! 

This Sunday we will start a new sermon series that will take us systematically through the book of Philippians.  The series title is ‘Unstoppable Joy”. Tune in to Facebook or Youtube (spell out Quail lakes Baptist Church in search field) at 10 and and on our website QLBC.org at 10: 30. 

It may be that you know of someone who does not have access to the internet yet would like to view our recent services.  We are making them available on DVD for those in that situation. Please reply to this email with names and addresses and we will seek to get those DVD’s out. 

On another topic you can always tune into our Radio Broadcasts of past messages on our Radio show “Designed for Joy!”.  It is aired on KCBC 770 am Monday 5am, Saturday 6pm and Sunday 7pm. It is also aired on 105.9 FM (The Bull) 7am Sunday morning.  

Well that is all for now – bless you and keep well.

His and yours,
Pastor Marc

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Sunday, 05 July 2020

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