Dear Quail Family 

This week I ran across a quote by Eric Liddell, the British Olympian and missionary whose life was the subject of the movie, Chariots of Fire.  He writes,

Circumstances may appear to wreck our lives and God’s plans, but God is not helpless among the ruins. Our broken lives are not lost or useless. God’s love is still working. He comes in and takes the calamity and uses it victoriously, working out His wonderful plan of love.

I rejoice to know that God has a wonderful plan of love and that he will be undeterred in the accomplishment of that plan! In order to cling to that positive truth in the midst of pandemic, we believers need to recall who we are in relation to Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 2:4-5, 10 (NIV)
4 But because of his great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, 5 made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions - it is by grace you have been saved… 10 For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. 

Positive Pandemic Principle #1- 

You are now alive in Christ – and your new life has meaning, even as Liddell says, “among the ruins”.  

The vast majority of the people that you meet every day, that live on your block and go to your school, are people who are not able to see that their life has any meaning. They are missing the fundamental reality that true meaning and purpose does not come from a schedule filled with activity, or a house filled with stuff. Thus without a sense of inner purpose, when the rat race stops for a few weeks, everything seems empty. 

But consider Christ’s initial closest followers, what caused Jesus’ disciples to be transformed from men living small lives concerned only with the next paycheck that would come from the next boatload of fish, to those who were able to turn the world upside down?  It was the new meaning found in Jesus when he said – you can be fishers of men!

In v. 10 is the Greek word that is used to describe us that is translated “workmanship” is the word, “poiema”. You, believer, are God’s poem or God’s work of art designed for the purpose of serving him.  

The job of the Christian is to, “press the presence of Jesus Christ into every situation of life.”

There is nothing more important than that, right now!   This evening, tomorrow – how can you take on your role of pressing the presence of Jesus into all you do?

It may be to speak that word of spiritual encouragement to your neighbor as you pass on your walk. It may be praying with them over the phone. It may be something you do on social media that will be a blessing to others. It certainly will cause you extra time in prayer, extra patience with your family.

When you fulfill that mission that you are on, as a “poiema” of God – you will feel his blessing on the inside and that will make you positive even in the pandemic.

Pressing the presence of Christ means understanding that we are ambassadors of another order, another kingdom and we are to reflect that kingdom in the way we live. The difference in you can make a difference for someone else. 

Here are some updates for this week:

1. Curbside pickup of  "The Word For You Today" devotionals and Spring Cleaning In-Gathering!  

The next installment of our daily devotional guide is here and we will have curbside pickup available for you Friday, May 22nd from 8 am to noon, and Thursday, May 28 from Noon - 4 pm.  You'll see the distribution table set up in front of room A-116 (Day Camp Office) on the Quail Lakes Dr. side of our campus.

We will also be receiving your gently used clothing that you wish to give away.  Many of you have done spring cleaning in this stay-at-home time and if you wish to donate gently used clothing to the Gospel Center Rescue Mission we will receive those items in bags at the same time that you pick up your devotional.

At the same time, the bus barn will also be open to drop off your recyclables for our Quail Water project that drills wells in needy countries. 

2. Be aware of potential scams regarding the economic impact payment. 

Ways to spot a potential scam:

3. The prayer email is now up and running.  You can email your prayer requests to and the prayer counselors will cover your need in prayer.

4. I invite you to take part in a Thursday evening Adult Zoom Bible study led by our Adult Ministries Director Robin Gordon.  This study will convene on Zoom at 7 pm Thursdays, is geared for adults and will focus on the “I am” statements of Jesus.  This is for men and women. Click here for the link for the study

5. Families remember to go over to Quail Lakes Baptist Kids Facebook page after the 10am web stream of the worship service and take part in “Kid’s Church” each Sunday. 

6.  We have expanded the online viewing opportunity on Sunday mornings to include YouTube.  For those who prefer YouTube, spell out “Quail Lakes Baptist Church” in the search field and you can view the service at 10am each Sunday. 

His and yours, 

Pastor Marc
Quail Lakes Baptist Church