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An Update from Pastor Marc

Dear Quail,

This week I will take some time in this email, that I have normally been using from some devotional and inspirational thoughts, to address the issue of the status of Quail coming back for live in-person services. You have probably heard on the news that there are some churches and pastors in the southern part of our state who are declaring that they will worship “in person” on Pentecost Sunday (May 31), no matter the status of the restrictions called for by the State of California.

However, I want you to know that Quail will not be doing that. Let me explain why…

First of all, we note that we are called to love and care for one another. As we are aware, the threat of COVID-19 is real. Just because we see some aspects of our society easing the restrictions does not mean that there is no threat of disease. We would hate to open up prematurely and that be the cause of some of our beloved Quail family falling sick or perishing.

Secondly, we believe that the closure of large group gatherings is a situational restriction that is being placed on all similar gathering venues. Movie theaters, Broadway style plays and sports events are restricted, as well as churches. We are not being singled out and thus the restriction is not an ideological attack on our faith. We are instructed in Scripture to submit to the governing authorities unless they order us to do that which violates our faith or restricts our practice based on an ideological objection to our faith. We do not see that this is the case today.

Thirdly, our decision relates to our role in the community. We believe that in a situation such as this, our role is to be as helpful as we can to mitigate the cause of the restriction and maintain as pure a witness for Jesus as we can. We are to demonstrate our love and concern for one another, and for our city, while we proclaim the Gospel. We want our process to be thoughtful and prayerful enough so that secular people around us will see an example of careful concern that compels them toward Christ. 

In short – we are seeking to be the best Christian citizens that we can be and the best witnesses for Jesus that we can be! If it becomes the case that this situational restriction turns into a tool for ideological attacks on the work of the Gospel (which is possible, Satan does not play fair), we will use the means of vocal dissent and other actions at our disposal. However, currently we are part of a larger situation that many aspects of our society are dealing with in equal measure.  

Having said all of that, we are hoping for and working toward a return to “in person” worship and as that nears we will be in touch with you regarding the procedures we will need to follow for your safety.

Here are some updates for this week…

  1. Curbside pickup of "The Word for You Today" devotionals and Spring Cleaning In-Gathering!  The next installment of our daily devotional guide is here and we will have curbside pickup available for you today, Friday May 22nd, 8am - noon and Thursday, May 28th Noon - 4 pm. You will see the distribution table set up in front of room A-116 (Day Camp office) on the Quail Lakes Drive side of our campus.
    We will also be receiving your gently used clothing that you wish to give away.  Many of you have done spring cleaning in this stay-at-home time and if you wish to donate gently used clothing to the Gospel Center Rescue Mission we will receive those items in bags at the same time that you pick up your devotional.
    In addition, you can also bring in your aluminum cans and plastic recyclables for Quail Water. We use this money to drill wells in needy countries.
  2. Celebrate Recovery at Quail is happening via YouTube and Facebook from 6:15-7pm on Tuesdays – they would love for you to tune in. 
  3. The prayer email is now up and running. You can email your prayer requests to “” and the prayer counselors will cover your need in prayer.
  4. I invite you to take part in a Thursday evening Adult Zoom Bible study led by our Adult Ministries Director Robin Gordon. This study will convene on Zoom at 7pm Thursdays, is geared for adults and will focus on the “I am” statements of Jesus. This is for men and women. Please click here for the link for the study. 
  5. Families remember to go over to Quail Lakes Baptist Kids Facebook page after the 10am web stream of the worship service and take part in “Kid’s Church” each Sunday. 
  6. We were sustained in our income for March and April with a few large donations for which we are grateful; however, the breadth of financial support for the church is down. Therefore, I ask that if possible please click here to donate online, or mail your tithes and offerings to QLBC, P.O. Box 7955, Stockton CA, 95267.


Pastor Marc Maffucci

An Update from Pastor Marc
An Update from Pastor Marc

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Monday, 30 January 2023

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