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An Update from Pastor Marc

Dear Family of Quail,

The time has come for us to turn our attention towards coming together again for public service of worship. It has been a long and trying time as we have all had to change the way that we operate on many levels, during this unique era. I know that it has been difficult for us all, extra so for many. This letter will help us all understand the return process. It is lengthy, but important. Please read it in its entirety. 

I want to take a moment and say a public word of thanks to the staff of Quail who worked so hard to adjust to very difficult circumstances and labored to do remote classes, meetings, support groups and virtual worship services. The adjustment was massive and well accomplished.  

As we now move toward meeting together again, we realize that for some of us we feel an enthusiasm for the return and for others there is a bit of nervousness about what the consequences of gathering in person will be. That is natural!

Obviously, the guidelines put forth by the State on May 25th are very constraining; we will only be allowed 100 people in the Sanctuary at a time. However, we are seeking to balance the values of being good citizens in order to follow our governmental leaders and enhance the reputation of Jesus, as well as that of preaching the Gospel and engaging in God honoring worship. While difficult, we believe that we can find an appropriate balance given patience and effort.

As we come back to public services, we will not cease the online format and in fact we will increase our online presence to include both the traditional service and the contemporary service for a while. This will allow us to minister to the people who will be inclined to wait before resuming in person worship, especially our most physically vulnerable family members. Let me stress that this is probably not a long-term posture. Eventually we will go to one live stream worship service on the internet each Sunday in order to make the flow of work manageable long term for our Media Department. However, in the short term, we realize that both styles of service will need to be provided remotely.

We anticipate that enough of our church family will take advantage of this remote opportunity that it would not be wise for us to run three worship services on a Sunday morning.  Our schedule of services, therefore, will change to the Traditional Service at 8:30am, a "Sunday Bible Classes for All,” starting at 9:45am and then a contemporary worship service starting at 11:15am. The time gap between the two worship services will allow us to clean and disinfect the facility appropriately. 

In each of these services, and in our classes for the time being, we will need to practice social distancing, wear masks, stay home if ill or in a vulnerable demographic (pre-existing conditions), and follow our on campus guidelines and signage. 

We are committed to being able to continue to serve those in our church family who are unable to attend live services in person due to vulnerability to COVID 19, thus our plan involves not only ramping up our “in person” service capability in-line with the Health Department, but also providing live “real time” service streaming for those of our family who will stay at home. 

Per the Health Department Guidelines, we are not able to sponsor children’s ministries at this point in the process, thus the programs that are outlined to reconvene are for adults only. I encourage families to continue to view the worship service and kids church online until you receive new information from Mike Tackett. 

Here is the plan for the next few weeks. You will see a weekly change in our operation moving steadily toward “in person” full operation once again. 

5/31/20 - No on-campus ministry.

We will stream one “online service” web cast at 10am. This service will be taped in the Sanctuary and it will be a much needed first test of our capacity to stream worship services from the Sanctuary.

Week of June 1 

Midweek adult ministries under 100 in attendance may resume with proper social distancing following Health Department guidelines. Thus Refresh, Celebrate Recovery, and possibly the Casa De Luz Bible Study will be meeting. 

Zoom Bible studies and meetings will continue.

6/7 - No “in-person” worship service in the Sanctuary.

We will offer one “Live Simulcast Service” webcast at 10am in “real time” from the Sanctuary. This will be the final test of our new live streaming capabilities. 

Casa De Luz is open to meet, adults only. 

6/14 – In-person worship resumes.

Two worship services in our new service schedule (8:30am Traditional and 11:15am Contemporary) will take place and be streamed on the internet simultaneously. Health Department guidelines will be in effect. This will entail social distance, masks, and limited seating (100) in the Sanctuary for each service. 

We will provide proper social distance seating “video venues” for overflow, but these too will be very limited. Thus, most of us will still be viewing the service on-line. 

This, however, will be a good first try at both live services and simulcast to the internet on a Sunday morning.

9:45 am Adult Sunday school teacher’s meeting to prepare for classes the following Sunday.

6/21 - Adult Sunday Morning programming up and running.

We will maintain the new schedule of worship services (8:30 and 11:15am) and provide Sunday Bible classes for adults and High School students.  

We hope that by this time new regulations will be announced by our Health Department and we will adjust accordingly to them. 

Here are some details of what you can expect starting June 14 

  • Every other row will be blocked off in Sanctuary seating.
  • Ushers will “actively usher” people to enable safe seating.
  • No food/coffee distribution for the time being including Cafe and in-class refreshments.
  • Classrooms will have less seating capacity and certain classes may have a maximum capacity in terms of attendance.  
  • Volunteers will be wearing masks and offering hand sanitizer applications.
  • Offering boxes have been installed at the Sanctuary doors; no plates will be passed.
  • Self-serve bulletin pick up.
  • No bulletin re-use.
  • Seating sections in the Sanctuary will be labeled.
  • Seating sections will be dismissed by section to avoid crowded hallways.
  • The Health Ministry Team will provide health/temperature checks if asked for.

Your responsibility

  • Please wash hands often and use the hand sanitizing options that will be provided.
  • Bring and wear your own facemask.
  • Confirm that you are healthy, and do not attend if you have symptoms of any illness or have had such in the past 14 days.
  • Do not attend if you have an underlying physical condition that will make you vulnerable to illness.
  • Practice social distance related greeting - no hugs, handshakes or elbow bumps... waves and smiles all around!

Who should wait to come back?

  • Those who are elderly and thus vulnerable.
  • Those who have a compromised immune system.
  • Those who are pregnant.
  • Those who are nervous and wish more time to worship at home. 

Having said all of this, I hope that those of you who will feel safe to do so will celebrate the return of in person worship with us.  Please look for, and obey, the new signage and guidelines so that we get off to a good start.

I am anticipating looking you in the eye, and not the eye of the lens of the camera, as I share God’s Word with you real soon. Until then, God bless you!

His and yours,

Pastor Marc Maffucci

An Update from Pastor Marc
An Update from Pastor Marc

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