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Family Connection – Moses Frees His People

Memory Verse: Exodus 7:6

Challenge Verse: Ephesians 1:4-5
Practice Video: t.ly/7TXP

In the car...

Today’s lesson – Moses frees God’s people

Discuss freedom. What does it mean? We are free to do a lot in our country. The Israelites were NOT free. They could not travel and they could not have any job they wanted. Talk about what your kids want to be when they grow up.

God sent Moses to fulfill His plan, to give the Israelites dreams, to set them free! Moses had to accomplish a lot to make this happen. Discuss what it might take to accomplish your child’s dream(s) (school, training, etc.). Talk about how God can help with those things to accomplish those dreams and how He might use them for His glory.

At home...

Read Exodus 7-14

The mighty power of God... Throughout this passage you see God work in many great ways. He used the plagues to get Pharaoh’s attention. He showed His might to the Egyptians, who believed their gods were powerful. God used Moses to show them He was more powerful! Talk about a hard time you’ve experienced. Did you feel like it was never going to end? How did God show His power in your life?

It took a lot for the Israelites to believe God was all-powerful. They had their doubts, even up to the water’s edge. Talk about how God is there even when we forget He’s there. Talk about how it makes you feel when you feel the love of God.

Around the table...

The Passover meal is a fun one to represent and do in your home. The Israelites had to clean their home a special way and eat a special way. They ate in a way so they could leave in a moment. We celebrate now in a way to remember God’s deliverance. Talk about ways you use to remember God delivering you from a tough time or when you first believed.

Candy to help remember the plagues:
1) BLOOD – Mini Red Hots
2) FROGS – Green jelly beans
3) LICE – Chocolate sprinkles
4) WILD ANIMALS – Gummy bears
5) KILLING OF LIVESTOCK – Animal crackers
6) BOILS – French burnt peanuts
7) HAIL – Yogurt covered raisins
8) LOCUSTS – Nerds
9) DARKNESS – Licorice

GO DEEPER: Discuss moments when you had doubts that God was there. Discuss how He revealed Himself to you. It’s important to teach our kids about doubts and God’s love!

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