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Family Connection 2.7: The Golden Calf

In the car...

Challenge Verse
Proverbs 9:10
Weekly Verse
Exodus 32:11a

This week’s lesson: The Golden Calf

The Israelites were waiting for Moses to come back down from Mt. Sinai after his meeting with God. They had just been wandering through the desert after escaping from Egypt, and God invited them to the foot of Mt. Sinai to witness His presence and to wait for Him to chat with Moses.

Waiting...something we do in the car all the time! Sometimes we are able to wait patiently to arrive at our destination and sometimes we aren’t so patient. Ask your family if they are sitting in the car patiently. The Israelites were not patient at all! They even decided to sin against God. Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever made a bad choice while waiting? Discuss waiting and being patient.

At home...

Read Exodus 32:1-35 and 33:1-9

Being impatient, the Israelites couldn’t wait for Moses to come down from his meeting with God. They began to grumble, just as they did in the desert when they were hungry and God provided food and water. They went to Aaron and told him to make a god that they could worship. So Aaron made a calf from their gold jewelry and they burnt offerings and danced before their new idol.

Through their impatience they led Aaron astray from honoring God. Who else have we studied that has done this? Discuss Eve to Adam, Cain and sin, Jacob to Esau.

Around the table...

The Israelites gathered around their new idol and ate and drank, and then they danced before the calf. They grew so impatient that they decided to give this new idol the credit for what God had done, even to the point of celebrating this golden calf. God burned with anger towards them, but Moses intervened and asked God for mercy. God heard him and did not destroy them.

Discuss as a family how sometimes we can lose focus on God when we have to wait too long. Discuss a period of time you were called to wait and grew impatient.

GO DEEPER: Talk about things that ended positively after we waited patiently. Now discuss a positive ending when we had to wait on the Lord.

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