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Family Connection – Abraham and the Three Visitors

In the car...

Challenge Verse
Deut. 7:9
Weekly Verse
Gen. 18:3

Today’s lesson – Genesis 18:1-19

Discuss recognizing things from a distance. We notice things from a distance when we are familiar with them. When driving home we know when we’re close because we notice the familiar objects around us, or maybe we can even see our house from a distance. Talk about how we recognize things like these because we’re so familiar with them.

Abraham noticed God from a distance! He knew it was God even before God spoke or was close to him. Discuss how we can become familiar with God like Abraham was. We get familiar through relationship-building exercises, praying, reading the Bible, and spending time with Him.

At home...

Read Genesis 18:1-19

Knowing God is a lifelong journey. Getting to know Him so well that we can recognize Him from a distance takes time. When Abraham knew it was God, he treated Him with such reverence. He bowed low before Him, had a feast prepared for Him, and gave Him a spot to relax. Abraham pampered God.

How often do you treat God like that? What are some things you do or can begin to do as a family to treat God with such reverence?

Around the table...

Abraham had a feast of his best foods prepared for God. That must have taken a while. Talk about what YOU think a feast prepared for God would look like nowadays — how long it would take to prepare, what foods there would be, etc.?

Preparing a feast is a big deal. As you prepare a family meal, discuss the time it takes. Abraham spent time with God while the feast was being prepared. Discuss ways that you and your family can spend time with God while preparing the meal.

GO DEEPER: Discuss the things that stop you from building your relationship with God. Discuss steps to remove those hinderances.

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