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Family Connection – Adam & Eve

Challenge Verse
Exodus 20:11

Memory Verse: Genesis 1:27
Practice Video: t.ly/C4CS

In the car...

Today’s lesson – Adam & Eve

Have the family look at people that are passing by in cars, those walking on the sidewalk, or neighbors in your neighborhood. Ask them if they think God made those people too. Discuss with them that God made each and every one of us! And He loves us all!

Discuss the different ways we look like these people and how we look different. Talk about how God created us different but loves us all. Discuss how we are different.

Ask your family how they are different than their friends and discuss how each of those things is really cool and loved by God.

At home...

Read Genesis 1:27-2:25

Talk about how God created Adam. Ask your family about living in the garden alone and having to take care of all the living things all by themselves. God did not want that for Adam, so He made Eve to be a suitable helper for Adam.

Ask your family how they can help each other at home. Also, how they think Eve helped Adam in the garden.

Around the table...

As you prepare your food ask your family for some help. Discuss with them how Adam was alone at first and had to prepare everything in the garden by himself. Discuss how fun it is to have help while making dinner.

While around the table, discuss how we ask people to politely pass items around the table and how being in a family and friendships are important. People are different and can provide many different types of help and friendships.

Go DEEPER: Explore physical help and emotional help from family and friends.

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