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Family Connection – Cain & Abel

In the car...

Challenge Verse
Deut. 7:9
Weekly Verse
Gen. 4:7

Today’s lesson – Genesis 4:1-16

Discuss the differences between cars — your car vs. the car next to you. Talk about the color, the size, the ability of speed, etc. Have your child point out differences. As they point out differences, discuss the differences between Cain and Abel, like how they did different things (one was a shepherd and the other a farmer). God loved both equally and desired that they each do their best. Just like all cars have differences but everybody wants their car to be the best. The difference was, when it came to giving the glory to God, Cain gave only some while Abel gave ALL. God approved of Abel’s offering because it was his best. Imagine if your car didn’t run as well as it should. You probably wouldn’t like that very much.

At home...

Read Genesis 4:1-16

Talk about offerings. What are they and how can we give God offerings nowadays? Discuss giving God the glory for your offering. How can that look in your life and your child’s life?

Think of a time that you gave God the glory for something in your life. What was it that you offered to God and how did it feel to give it to Him?

Around the table...

As you prepare your food, ask your family for some help. Discuss Cain’s offering of fruits and vegetables. Are you serving any fruits or vegetables for dinner? Ask your child if they think God doesn’t like fruits and vegetables and that’s why He didn’t accept Cain’s offering. Explain that it wasn’t because God doesn’t like those things but because Cain only gave a portion and NOT the very best.

God wants our best! And He is pleased with only our best. Discuss things that you and your child do and how can you give God your “best.”

GO DEEPER: Discuss offerings. Tell your child what you give as an offering (not money numbers, but in your life). Explore with them what they can give as an offering.

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