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Family Connection – Christmas: The Wise Men

Memory Verse: Matthew 2:2b

Challenge Verse: Luke 2:52
Practice Video: t.ly/Lekd

In the car...

Today’s lesson – They are WISE

The wise men were from a land far away! When they noticed the star, they immediately got together and traveled towards it! We’ve been talking a lot about travel these past couple of weeks. Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, and now three guys from the East! Crazy! But they all traveled for Jesus!

How does your travel for Jesus go? Ours is crazy at times. “Hurry up!” “Where are your shoes?” “Is that really how you are dressing for church?”... Remember to make your travel for Jesus, pray, put Him at the center of the day, ask for safe arrival, and praise Him when you arrive.

At home...

Read Matthew 2:1-16

The wise men got a little lost. They eventually found Jesus by following the star. The wise men ended up tipping off King Herod about Jesus. Herod wanted to know where this baby was, so he asked the wise men to tell him where Jesus was. The wise men, being wise, traveled home through a detour in order to avoid Herod.

The wise men presented their gifts of frankincense, gold, and myrrh, giving Jesus the best of what they had. Discuss what you give Jesus and what Jesus has given you. Talk about how you can help someone who might be lost find Jesus.

Around the table...

Frankincense is a beautiful fragrance, gold is worth more than its weight, and myrrh is an oil used for anointing. These gifts were really expensive during this time. For a toddler to get these gifts and not toys showed that he was recognized by the wise men as a part of royalty.

They brought these because they brought their best to him. When we gather around a table we always bring our best! We take time to prepare a meal: we plan, gather the ingredients, and take the time to chop and cook it. Then we present it to our family or guests.

Discuss what the Lord has gifted you with and how you prepare that to present to Him.

Go DEEPER: Talk about a time that you used your gifts for Jesus! What are they and how did you use them?

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Family Connection – The Shepherds

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